How to find the perfect freestyling place

How to find the perfect freestyling place

Hey Benjamin Clique !

So, you’re ready to freestyle but aren’t too sure about where to go. Cool.

Firs things first, you want to be where the money is !!!!! To find where affluent men hang is easy as hell. Think about this, wherever you are, what places do you frequent that’s always full of DADDIES? This could be anywhere, literally (grocery store, gas station, shopping mall.) If you were rich and wealthy, where would you be? Where would you hang? What social activities would you partake in?

Get in tune heux !

A few Freestyling tips:

  1. Don’t go in large groups ! Go alone or with one other person.

  2. Look the part ! You should blend in and at the same time , stand out ! This means, don’t show up to a happy hour, “after work”, with a shirt two sizes too small, and flip flops. You must look like money to attract money.

  3. Don’t be afraid to start conversation ! A simple “Love your watch” , “Is anyone sitting here?”, “What are you drinking?”. goes A long way.

I will do another video on HOW to freestyle, how to dress, great conversation starters, etc on a later date.

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