Escort stories: My first couple (I ate the box !)

Escort stories: My first couple (I ate the box !)

Here we go…

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Summer 2018 was epic for me. I accomplished A lot of goals, one in particular was a threesome, not just a threesome but specifically a couple. Yes, I casually just said what I said. Does anybody else have a “sexual bucket list? I’m sure you do, probably just never put a name to it. We all have things that we want to try sexually, that’s a bucket list ! So anyway, a threesome and going all the way with a chick was on mine. I have plenty of stories from college, but none included a basic threesome. I’ve kissed girls, had a 4SUM, 5SUM, but no 3SUM, up until this happened…

The Breakdown

Initial Contact:

I’ve been contacted by a few couples in the past but none turned into bookings. When this particular couple contacted me, I could tell they meant business. We’re going to call them Sam and Stacy. Stacy was a ‘stay at home’ mom while Sam was a business man and Domme in private. They participated in Menage a trois on special occasions, this time there was a birthday. They booked without hesitation and now I’m nervous, Like “oh crap, this is really going down!”

nervous chewing gum.gif

We were set to meet the following week but in between time, I video chatted with them, to make things more personable. I also wanted to make sure that both parties were okay with my company (super important). I’d hate to have arrived and one of them be surprised and/or unhappy. The whole week leading to the date, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I called my friend who’s BI and told her my concerns. She laughed it off because she knows that I‘ve been dying to do this. She was right…

The day of:

I reach out to Stacy and Sam to confirm our date for the day. I was meeting them on a Saturday at 2PM for 2 hours. I packed my hoe bag, made sure my Vag was sexy and headed out the door. In the car, I’m over thinking of course.


“What if I’m Awkward?”

“I’m use to only seeing one person at a time. How am I going to handle 2?”

“Do I have to eat her vag? What If she isn’t clean and I don’t want to?”

“What If I suck her husbands dick better, will she get jealous?”

so yea..


I arrive to their destination and walk up to meet them. Sam greets me at the door, handsome guy. Like, really handsome *inserts heart eyes*. Out comes Stacy, light on her feet, gorgeous and friendly. Stacy had the look of a school teacher, innocent with a ‘girl next door vibe’. SUPER FUCKING HOT. There I am, In a suite with a hot ass husband and wife.


I figured, If I keep talking and smiling maybe the nervousness wouldn’t show. Meanwhile.. HA HA..

nervous cardi.gif

After a few minutes of casual conversation and fruit snacks, they gave me a tour of their suite. We ended up in the bed room (of course), chatted a bit more, then I excused myself to the bathroom. I had to count my coin and change into something sexy. In the bathroom, I’m giving myself the biggest pep talk ever.

“This is what you’ve been waiting on ! You ready!?”

“You got this!”

pep talk.gif


I walked out in my sexy lingerie and heels. Sam took the lead, he grabbed my hand, spun me around and grabbed a hand full of my ass. I smiled and invited Stacy to have a handful of her own. She encouraged Sam to keep on going but he wanted her participation. I Got onto the bed and Sam followed behind. It was about to go down …


I laid in between them, reminded myself to breathe and relax. I began to slowly caress the both of them at the same time. Before long, my lingerie was on the floor, Sam’s face was in between my legs and Stacy couldn’t decide which she liked better…my tits or lips. I know that escalated quickly but great start right? One thing for sure, the positions that are done with more than 2 people, take creativity and runs smoother in porn. Well atleast that’s what I thought as a beginner. Anyways, I know you guys are probably wondering about the box eating part right? It’s coming..

Sasha eats the box:

We reach position #20. Stacy’s tongue is becoming acquainted with my vag. Her ass is in the air and Sam is behind Stacy like this…

doggy style.gif

I’m enjoying Stacy’s tongue. Keep in mind, this is my first time receiving oral from a woman and I was LOVING IT. At this point, I’m trying to understand why I’m experiencing this for my first time. I was turned out !!! Stacy was enjoying herself as well. She ate until Sam said he wanted to taste more of me. Like a genie, I granted his wish.

I re-positioned to give Sam what he wanted and to do so, Stacy stood up to give me room. When I moved, my head ended up near her Vag. Everything happens for a reason.



I gotta make sure y’all understand how this position was because It’s vital. So clear your eyes and read. I’m about to reiterate. IMAGINE.. I’m laying across the bed (on my back) with my head hanging over the edge. Sam’s busy eating at Sasha’s cafe, while Stacy is standing over my dangling head. Freaky shit right? Oh yea. Just the way I like it !


I grabbed Stacy to pull her over my face and just go for it. Technically, in this position, she’s sitting on my face. I didn’t know what to do but I know how I like my vag eaten so I imitated. Her reactions and body language said I was Ellen Degeneres in my past life..

Her vag was fresh as fuckkkk, Like fresh FRESH. It tasted and smelled like H20. At this very moment.. I think I turned GAY. I’m munching like the crazed whore I am as Sam cheers me on. Stacy is moaning and we’re all just being dirty animals. We try a few more positions then Sam get’s up and say’s “ Wow that was amazing! I think we’ve tried everything, can you guys think of any other positions you want to do?” In my mind, I’m thinking, hell… are there any left??!!!


By this time, I had about 20 minutes left before it was time for me to go. I had NO Idea that so much time had went by. We literally went at it for almost 90 minutes straight, I couldn’t believe it. I gave each of them a passionate kiss then headed to the shower. On the way there, I couldn’t stop thinking about all the raunchy things I just participated in. I was so proud of myself. Yes.. I was proud. So proud. We said our goodbye’s, then I headed out to my car with a smile on my face because, WOW… I’m such a HOE.


One week later, I had the opportunity to visit with ANOTHER couple. No nervousness this time and I came ready with all the positions. Huge shout out to my very first couple !!! Who’s Next?? (:

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