Sasha and dating: Dating an escort

Sasha and dating: Dating an escort

Background story:

This morning I was casually scrolling my twitter and saw a tweet that spoke to me. The tweet, written by a fellow SW (@Estelle_Lucas) read:


“Sex work comes naturally to me, it’s other relationships that feel forced. With SW, I feel safe to give myself over wholly; in other connections, I question why I’d give myself freely to such risks & uncertain rewards. Ones more dangerous than the other & it’s not the one you think.”

Let me Explain:

A powerful word , But why did this speak to me? Let me tell ya’ll…

For one, Most people think dating a sex worker is something foreign. Dating a ‘money getting hoe’ is nothing new. Hoes are winning and always will. Look at Amber rose, Lira Galore, Blacc Chyna and Cardi B. All of the woman mentioned were once SW’s and some still are. The saying, “ You can’t turn a hoe into a house wife,” is so 1990’s.’ The truth is, yes you can and it takes a certain kind of person to SUCCESSFULLY date a Sex Worker. What we do for residual income, is a job, at the end of the day. What we do “at work,” is separate from our personal/dating life. My relationships with clients, differentiates significantly from my personal relationships, as it should.


The Break Down:

As an escort, I’ve learned how to have self love, standards and boundaries. I love myself so much, that I charge for my time. I love myself so much, that I refuse to give my time without something in return. I have standards because of self love. I have standards because, I’m not basic and refuse to be treated as such. I have boundaries because I have self love and standards. I have boundaries in order to feel comfortable and not lose myself.

Some say, “How can you love yourself BUT you sell your body?” That’s the thing. Totally different POV and feelings towards the subject. I don’t look at escorting as “selling myself,” because one, I’m not an object and two, I’m selling TIME by choice. I’m not being forced or coerced into “selling my body.” I am happy to spend time with those who respect me enough to PAY for my time.

How many first dates have you been on for free that was a waste of time? How many times have you dated with expectations and the person let you down or ended up “being like the rest?” How many times have you said “Never again?” I’ve experienced all these things numerous times and can’t stand it. Any let down that I experience in my personal dating life, It makes me love escorting even more. Some say “ I’d rather cry in a Rolls Royce versus a bus.” Well, I’d rather smile on my way to a $1000 date, after cutting off Mr. NO good JOHN.

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Client Treatment:

My clients treat me like nothing short of a goddess. They’re thoughtful, caring, romantic and all of the above. I’m spoiled with money (obviously), attention,respect, gifts, trips and of course wine. My clients reassure me of what I need in a courtship (noun), in order to be truly happy.

What’s courtship?

-a period during which a couple develop a romantic relationship, especially with a view to marriage.

-behavior designed to persuade someone to marry or develop a romantic relationship with one.

How does this all come into play? Well, back to the tweet, I am able to “give myself wholly,” to clients because I know that I am not giving, without getting anything in return. I know what to expect. My time is rewarded. My effort is rewarded. My emotional labor is rewarded. There’s no risk or loss for me. Everything to gain.

My client’s pay to access me and treat me exceptionally well. I don’t see the logic in letting men access me for free, who don’t appreciate/understand the privilege of accessing me. Being an escort has given me new found confidence and a feeling of reclaiming my time. I wish I could charge all the people who wasted my time for free. I’d be RICH RICH, you hear me?

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My personal dating preferences

My clients set a high standard for my personal dating life. I’ve had exemplary treatment by my suitors. It’s unfathomable to be treated like a goddess AND receive a check at the same time, just to turn around and be treated like basic shit for FREE. What’s the point? It even sounds dumb doesn’t it?

I’m 25 and most men my age are completely lost at how to properly court/pursue a woman. I find myself often explaining the simplicity but thoughtfulness of flowers or things that women like, as if it’s never been done/heard of before. I don’t have the time or patience to “Train” every BOY who comes my way because they’re not up to par. It’s important that people date within their league and budget. My standards aren’t fit for every budget because I’m not fit for EVERBODY. I have no problem with telling someone who’s interested in me to “Come back when you’re ready.'‘ I have NO shame.

Why dating is risky (dating for free)

A bit about me, I’m a pisces. If you know anything about zodiacs, I’ve already said enough LOL. As a pisces, I am intuitive and spiritual which leads me to be a deep thinker. I deep think everything and am very observant of people, situations and settings. I am also VERY sensitive. I call myself a sensitive thug because my sensitivity (to those who don’t really know me) is often masked behind a wall, to protect my SENSITIVITY. In my personal life, to some, I’m crazily emotional and to others, I have no feelings. To clients, I’m an ANGEL !

Juicy Fact: I’m comfortable with being single, therefore, I don’t act out of desperation or fear of being alone. I’m more concerned with unhappily being involved with someone versus being happily single. Alot of things that most people put up with, to be in a relationship, I’d shut down/terminate immediately. I don’t believe that I should have to give up so much of myself, to please someone else. At that point, who am I really? I’ve become someone’s shadow puppet. In the end, you’ve lost yourself and I’m unwilling to do that.

Casual dating is risky because, I don’t know the outcome. I’m unsure if the person I’m giving my time to is 100% deserving of my time. I don’t know how long it’s going to take before I realize that this person doesn’t deserve my time. Once I realize that, have I gained anything from our interactions? Am I left feeling like I’ve wasted time , feelings and emotions? Too many times I have dated down ( dated men who had less then or nothing to offer but hard dick, headaches and lies). Ironically, some may label me as a gold digger. This is not the case, What I seek is someone ON MY LEVEL.

Casual dating to me is literally a sea of question marks and I hate it. You literally have no idea what you’re going to get. This is why I love SW because I don’t have doubts or uncertainty. I know what I’m getting in return for my company, time, conversation, etc. This doesn’t mean that I’m against casual dating, it just means come correct before you approach me (:

By all means, If you like what you see but are unable to treat me how I should be treated, book a date !! You get what you want and I definitely get what I want. This is a win/win situation.

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Sasha What do you like?

-I like to be treated like a goddess.

I require the basics of actual courtship ! I like a man to be a man: Alpha Male (Provide, Protect, lead, spoil)

-Yes ! That’s right. I’m not for the 50/50 BS. As a man, it’s in your nature to provide, protect, lead and spoil, PERIOD. If you have a problem with spoiling me, taking me on dates and covering some bills (willingly).. I’m not the girl for you. I want to submit to my man as he is the leader. I won’t submit to a supbar man. A man who is subpar, receives no attention nor submission for me. I’ll save good behavior for well behaved gents.

If you’re not up to par, book a date and keep it kosher * Kissy face*

I require effort and consistency !! Most people don’t even know what this looks like.

-Yes ! I should be a priority, if not, TRY AGAIN.

If you’re not up to par, book a date and keep it kosher * Kissy face*

Flowers on the first date and “just because flowers.”

Yes !!!! I love flowers, what woman doesn’t? It’s important that I feel special. I wouldn’t date someone who makes me feel otherwise.

If you’re not up to par, book a date and keep it kosher * Kissy face*

Romantic acts and thoughtfulness

Flowers are considered romantic and thoughtful. Old school picnic dates. Date nights that are planned by you. It’s the small things and the effort you put into making me happy is what counts.

If you’re not up to par, book a date and keep it kosher * Kissy face*

My love languages are Gifts and acts of kindness.

As a pisces woman, my true joy comes from giving. For me, giving signifies my thoughtfulness and like to you. It shows that I pay attention to your likes/dislikes as well. It’s important that this is reciprocated. Once again, I never want to feel like I’m one sided giving.

Acts of kindness: This is exercised by doing something without me asking. You see something that needs to be done and you do it. This can be, taking my car to get an oil change, filling my gas tank up, changing a light bulb in my house, get it?

If you’re not up to par, book a date and keep it kosher * Kissy face*

Action ! Less talking please.

As an outspoken SW who’s comfortable in her skin, truth and sexuality… I get ALOT of attention. I get alot of admirers, selling me dreams that I never once asked to buy. I don’t care about how good you can treat me and how much you like me. I could care less, SHOW ME. I believe nothing that I hear but everything I see.

The end !

I hope that I offered some clarity on why it’s much safer for me to date for pay, versus for free. ALL in ALL, I date just like everyone else. I just have standards and won’t bend them in order to be “in a relationship.” Alot of information here can be used in civvy dating. Men, women aren’t rocket science. Small gestures of kindness and thoughtfulness will get you far, trust me.

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