Brief Autobiography…

I’m a 26yo, Bay area native, who currently resides in Central Florida. I’m an escort / Sugar baby and love what I do.

My jounrey with sex work began in 2013 when I was 19 and a freshman in college. I started with no goals, just wanted spending money and knew of a hustle that could give me just that. I came into the game during the “internet era.”

Being from California, for anyone familiar with the culture there, hoing is prominent and was the first trade I thought to pick up. I had no experience or knowledge of sex work, just knew I could make money fast.

From ‘13-’15, I dibbled and dabbed in the heux game (I hoed part time while being a student and having a 9-5). I was advertising on backpage and craigslit, doing outcalls only. I didn’t see black men for a length of time due to harrassment and privacy issues, etc.

In 2015, I was arrested in a sting which scared me. I stopped hoeing completely and picked up 3 different 9-5’s (at the same time). In the fall of 2016, I missed the income and rebellious streak that hoeing gave me. Although I worked so many jobs, I was barely covering bills and damn sure wasn’t living the life that I wanted. So, I got back in the game but switched things up.

I offered my first incall in September 2016 and made my rent in 3 hours. I quit my last 9-5 in January 2017 and have been happy hoing ever since.

This is just a synopsis of my journey as Sasha. There’s so much more to tell but in our jounrey together, you’ll learn more. I’m always growing and learning so stay tuned !

BTW, I’m on youtube, snapchat, twitter, & Instagram ! Follow me.